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Disney's The Lion King: Mufasa

 27 Icons, including bonus preview icons
Mufasa icon quilt! Expression icons for your Mufasa muse~

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welcome ♡

my icons originally started at amandathings @ livejournal, where i was a part of a handful of icontests (miss those days!) • i have posted some of those entries here on musemoji, but feel free to check out that journal for more, especially inuyasha : and now for the rules 

usage ;

 comment when taking 
 credit is v nice
 feel free to edit 
 requests are open (disney only)
 honestly credit isn't actually necessary, I just like the #freepromo~ 
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Disney's Hercules: Megara

22  Icons
15 12
Disney's Hercules (Won't Say I'm In Love) [22]